Palestinian Territories, Armed Conflict / War, Level 4: Fighting on the border with Israel and countermeasures by the Israeli military – Gaza Strip, Palestinian Territories [Update 145]

Update 2023-11-22 (5): Israeli authorities and Hamas have agreed to a four-day ceasefire, expected to commence from Thursday (23 November) in the seven-week war in the Gaza Strip, promising to free hostages and Palestinian prisoners and allow aid into the Gaza Strip.

Update 2023-11-22 (4): According to updated reports, the ceasefire in the Gaza Strip will begin at 10 am on Thursday (23 November, local time). Dozens of Palestinians were killed during air strikes in the Gaza Strop on Wednesday (22 November) and hundreds of people are currently missing. Attacks were reported in several areas of Gaza, including in Al-Shujaiya, Sheikh Radwan, and Jabalia.

Update 2023-11-22 (3): According to reports, Israeli forces continued to carry out attacks and airstrikes in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday (22 November). Israeli forces also carried out raids in Sheikh Za’id (Jabalia) on Wednesday, during which several militants were killed. Hamas is expected to provide Israeli authorities with a list of ten hostages to be released on Thursday (23 November) as part of the prisoner swap agreement reached on Wednesday morning (22 November, local time). As per the agreement, Israel will release up to 300 prisoners in exchange for up to 100 hostages taken by Hamas on 7 October. The hostages that will be released can reportedly only be citizens or residents of Israel. Israeli forces have also agreed to not use surveillance drones during the four-day ceasefire, which is set to begin between 6:30 and 7 am on Thursday (23 November, local time).

Update 2023-11-22 (2): Dozens of people who were being held captive by the Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip were freed on Wednesday (22 November) after the Israeli Cabinet agreed to a four-day cease-fire.

Update 2023-11-22 (1): Several doctors were killed on Tuesday (21 November) at Al Awda Hospital in North Gaza, while numerous patients were injured following attacks by Israeli security forces. As per reports, several hospitals, one in Gaza City and another in Beit Lahiya are partially operational.