Germany, Severe Weather, Level 3: Disruptions due to wintery weather in parts of the country – Germany [Update 18]

Update 2023-12-03 (3): Flight services resumed hundreds of significant flight cancellations on Sunday (3 December) following heavy rainfall in Munich International Airport. Moreover, power outages were reported in Memmingen Airport. Meanwhile transportation disruptions continued across various airports, train stations, and roads. Numerous traffic accidents occurred due to slippery conditions, leading to both property damage and injuries. A significant portion of Munich experienced temporary power outage and disruptions in cell phone services. Key events, such as FC Bayern Munich’s home game, were cancelled, along with the closure of Christmas markets and zoos due to safety concerns. Additionally, avalanche warnings were issued in the Bavarian Alps.

Update 2023-12-03 (2): Heavy snowfall in southern Germany has led to disruptions in long-distance train services in Thuringia, with cancellations and delays on Sunday (3 December) by Deutsche Bahn, while the Munich to Erfurt route is expected to face restrictions until Monday (4 December) due to the weather conditions. Moreover, a train accident occurred on Sunday morning (3 December) between Weimar and Apolda which resulted in the closure of the railway line, as a truck crashed into the noise barrier at a level crossing in Apolda. No injuries have been reported so far.

Update 2023-12-03 (1): According to the sources from Saturday (2 December), many services, including traffic and electricity, were significantly disrupted due to heavy snowfall, while many accidents in Bavaria and parts of Baden-Württemberg were reported. The extreme weather resulted in the cancellation of a match, and flight services at Munich and Allgäu airports in Memmingen were suspended; additionally, railway lines around Munich also faced disruptions. Numerous road accidents were reported due to snow and black ice, causing extensive traffic jams. Power outages affected thousands of households, particularly around Munich, as trees fell on power lines and the snow load damaged or tore lines. Zoos and Christmas markets in Bavaria, including the market in Munich’s residence courtyard and the Tollwood winter festival, were closed due to the weather. The German Weather Service reported new snow in the Allgäu Region and severe frost expected in various parts of the country.