Palestinian Territories, Armed Conflict / War, Level 4: Fighting on the border with Israel and countermeasures by the Israeli military – Gaza Strip, Palestinian Territories [Update 177]

Update 2023-12-05 (4): According to sources, dozens of civilians lost their lives on Tuesday (5 December) in a strike targeting a southern Gaza school in Khan Yunis, which was serving as a shelter for Palestinians displaced by the ongoing war.

Update 2023-12-05 (3): The Qatari Foreign Ministry announced on Tuesday (5 December) that talks to restore a ceasefire and release further hostages are still ongoing. Media report Israeli air strikes in the Dair al-Balah area in the southern Gaza Strip. In addition to Han Yunis, ground troops are currently fighting in the town of Jabaliyah in the north of the Gaza Strip and in the Shuja’iyya neighborhood in Gaza City. According to Hamas, several Israeli soldiers have been killed in the fighting in Khan Yunis, and vehicles and equipment have been destroyed. A representative of the United Nations described the security zones for civilians proposed by the Israeli military as unrealistic. According to him, it is not possible for civilians to find effective protection from air strikes.

Update 2023-12-05 (2): According to media reports on Tuesday (05.12.), the latest fighting in the south of the Gaza Strip has claimed at least 43 lives, according to reports from the Nasser Hospital in Chan Yunis. Israeli troops have taken up positions in Bani Suhaila, the eastern part of Chan Yunis, and continue to advance towards the Hamad City residential complex. Heavy fighting is reported. According to Palestinian reports, at least 50 people were killed in air strikes on the north of the Gaza Strip in the Daraj district. Since Monday (04.12.), internet and telecommunications services have been out of service throughout the Gaza Strip.

Update 2023-12-05 (1): According to sources from Monday (4 December), Israel has prepared plans to flood Hamas’s system of tunnels under the Gaza Strip with water pumped from the Mediterranean Sea. Reportedly, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) set up five large water pumps near the Al-Shati refugee camp in Gaza City last month.