Palestinian Territories, Armed Conflict / War, Level 5: Fighting on the border with Israel and countermeasures by the Israeli military – Gaza Strip, Palestinian Territories [Update 249]

Update 2024-01-01 (2): According to sources, an occupation aircraft bombed the central region of the Gaza Strip and the vicinity of the Abu Daoud Mosque in the Nuseirat camp. Also, it continued artillery bombardment in the vicinity of the Jabalia al-Balad areas north of the Strip and the Al-Tuffah neighborhood east of Gaza City. Reportedly, at least one citizen was martyred, and others were injured in the bombing of the Abu Hatab family home near Bilal Mosque, west of Khan Yunis.

Update 2024-01-01 (1): Dozens of people were killed on Monday (1 January) after Israeli warplanes launched a barrage of rockets on central Gaza. In addition, from Monday (1 January), at least one Hamas commander was killed following an air strike, pounding more of the terror group’s infrastructure.