Ukraine, Armed Conflict / War, Level 3: Russian drone and missile attacks on Kiyv – Ukraine [Update 18]

Update 2024-01-03: According to the sources from Tuesday (2 January), several people were killed, while over one hundred people were injured following Russian missile attacks in the urban areas of the country.

Update 2024-01-02 (2): Due to the recent drone and missile attacks on the Ukrainian capital Kyiv on Tuesday morning (2 January, local time), the power grid there has been damaged. According to the latest reports from Ukrenergo, around 250,000 people in Kyiv and the surrounding area are currently without electricity.

Update 2024-01-02 (1): Multiple missile strikes targeting the capital, Kyiv, were reported on Tuesday morning (2 January, local time) after nationwide air alerts were raised due to a perceived threat from Russian bombers. Multiple explosions were heard in Kyiv, with buildings shaking in the city centre. As per reports, fragments of downed rockets fell in various districts. A warning to residents to stay in shelters has been issued, indicating that more missiles are heading towards the capital. Strikes have also been reported in the northeastern city of Kharkiv.