United States, Severe Weather, Level 3: Snowfall forecast to impact wide parts of the northeast – USA [Update 7]

Update 2024-01-09 (3): According to sources from Tuesday (9 January) a high wind warning has been issued for Long Island, while a coastal flood warning due to heavy rainfall covers the South Shore and parts of the North Shore. The strongest winds are anticipated between Tuesday (9 January) 10 pm (local time) and Wednesday (10 January) 5 am (local time). Widespread power outages are likely to happen, and coastal flooding is expected from Queens to East Patchogue on the South Shore. Heaviest rainfall is predicted between Tuesday (9 January) 7 pm (local time) and Wednesday (10 January) 5 am (local time) with significant flood impacts potentially continuing through Thursday morning (11 January). Strong winds will remain until the system exits the region on Wednesday (10 January). Additionally, a state of emergency has been issued on Tuesday afternoon (9 January, local time) in Suffolk County and Nassau County in New York as the areas are expected to get hit by the adverse weather condition in the coming hours.

Update 2024-01-09 (2): On Tuesday night (9 January, local time) severe rainfall and possible floodings can be expected in Washington D.C. area.

Update 2024-01-09 (1): A state of emergency has been declared across New Jersey on Monday (8 January) in anticipation of a significant rainstorm that is approaching towards Philadelphia and is likely to hit on Tuesday (9 January) due to heavy rain, strong winds, and potential flooding, exacerbating conditions from previous storms. The storm will likely cause flooding between Tuesday night (9 January, local time) and Wednesday (10 January). Wind gusts may lead to power outages, especially at the Jersey Shore. Conditions are expected to clear up by Wednesday afternoon (10 January, local time).