Ukraine, Armed Conflict / War, Level 5: Heavy fighting between Ukrainian and Russian troops in the east of the country – Ukraine [Update 79]

Update 2024-01-18 (2): The Russian Ministry of Defense announced on Thursday (18 January) that it had captured the village of Vesele in the Donetsk Oblast.

Update 2024-01-18 (1): According to reports, Ukrainian forces shot down around 22 out of 33 drones that were launched across southern and eastern regions of the country during the night to Thursday (18 January). Kharkiv Oblast was particularly targeted. Several rockets were also fired at Kharkiv. Shelling and artillery attacks led to several people being killed and multiple being injured in Kherson on Wednesday and Thursday (17 and 18 January) as well. At least one person was injured in a drone attack in Dnipro (Kherson).