Syria, Armed Conflict / War, Level 4: Fighting between different groups in the north of the country – Syria [Update 77]

Update 2024-01-22 (2): According to the sources from Monday (22 January), at least one regime security force was injured following artillery shelling by Turkish forces at Menagh Military Air Base within the Kurdish and Syrian regime-controlled regions. Reportedly, the shelling also targeted multiple locations including Shawargha, Maraanaz, Al-Malikiyah, Bainah, and the Harsh Soghonaka forest in the Shirawa District of Afrin countryside.

Update 2024-01-22 (1): Numerous PKK or YPG fighters were killed in an attack by Turkish soldiers in northern Syria.
According to reports on Monday (22 January), several people were injured in an attack in Ariha and Sarjah, Jabal Al-Zawiyah (Idlib).