Japan, Transport Incident, Level 3: Disruptions to Shinkansen operations on several lines from Tokyo – Japan [Update 1]

Update 2024-01-23: According to reports, Shinkansen train services are expected to resume along several lines from Tokyo on Wednesday morning (24 January, local time). The trains that depart from Nasushiobara to Tokyo at 8 am (local time) and the train that departs from Tokyo to Yamagata at 9 pm (local time) will remain suspended.

2024-01-23: On Tuesday (23 January) disruptions have been reported to Shinkansen express train services in Japan on the Tokyo-Sendai, Tokyo-Niigata and Tokyo-Nagano lines. The reason for the disruption is a power failure.
Rail services on other routes are also possible. As a precaution, travellers can contact their railways company or tour operator about the current status in advance to their journey.