France, Demonstration / Riot, Level 3: Farmer demonstrations in France – France [Update 9]

Update 2024-01-25 (3): According to reports, farmers in several regions plan to continue their protests through at least Saturday (27 January), including in Marne (Grand Est). Protest and road blockades in Marne and other locations countrywide cannot be ruled out.

Update 2024-01-25 (2): On Friday (26 January), the protesting farmers plan to extend their demonstrations to Paris (Île-de-France) and block all entrances and exits to the city. This was announced by the trade union Jeunes agriculteurs on Thursday (25 January).

Update 2024-01-25 (1): Construction workers and fishermen will join the agricultural protest in Rennes on Thursday (25 January). Hundreds of participants with around 150 tractors are expected in Montpellier on Friday (26 January). On the A7 near Montélimar and in Calais, foreign trucks carrying goods for import were stopped and their contents partially destroyed. Authorities advise against using the A7 near Montélimar.