Lebanon, Armed Conflict / War, Level 3: Israeli attacks in response to shelling from Lebanon – Lebanon [Update 161]

Update 2024-02-05 (3): Several members of Lebanon’s Shiite Amal Movement were killed, while several others were injured on Monday afternoon (6 February, local time) after an Israeli warplane bombed a house in Bayt Lif village, Bint Jbeil District, Nabatieh Governorate, while material damage was also reported in al-Jibbine. Moreover, the Israeli military carried out multiple airstrikes targeting western and central sectors of southern Lebanon, firing about one hundred shells at multiple towns and villages in the area.

Update 2024-02-05 (2): Current reports also mention the village of Yaroun near the Israeli border as one of the targets of Israeli air strikes on Monday morning (5 February, local time). According to reports, at least three Hezbollah fighters were killed there. In total, the Israeli army is said to have carried out five airstrikes and also bombed eleven villages with a total of 50 shells.

Update 2024-02-05 (1): The Israeli Defense Forces Attacked Hezbollah positions on Sunday (4 February) in the areas of Blida and Meiss El Jabal in the southern part of the country. Additionally, several Hezbollah militants were killed while several civilians were injured following Israeli airstrikes in Taybeh village in the southern part of the country. Material damage was also reported following the attack.