Germany, Strike, Level 3: Strike on 1 and 2 March across the country – Germany

2024-02-27: The Verdi union has called for public transport workers to strike across the country on Friday and Saturday (1 and 2 March), affecting services in major cities. Reportedly, the subway and trams operated by the Frankfurt Transport Company (VGF) will halt in Frankfurt, with alternatives for commuters, including S-Bahn and regional trains, while buses are expected to run normally. Wiesbaden will see a complete stoppage of bus traffic. Moreover, the strike also extends to northern Hesse, where hundreds of employees of the Kasseler Verkehrs-Gesellschaft (KVG) are called to strike, leading to a shutdown of trams and buses across Kassel city and affecting routes to Vellmar, Baunatal, and through Lossetal.
If the strike proceeds as scheduled and is followed by enough workers, local traffic disruptions are to be expected. Before and after official strike hours, disruptions are also possible due to or