Germany, Strike, Level 5: Strike of Lufthansa ground staff from 7 to 9 March – Germany [Update 6]

Update 2024-03-06 (3): Dozens of Lufthansa flights to and from Brussels Airport (BRU) have been cancelled from Wednesday (6 March) at around 8 pm (local time) to Saturday (9 March) at around 7:10 am (local time) due to a strike by the ground staff of the airline. Reportedly, the affected flights are primarily to and from the cities of Frankfurt and Munich.

Update 2024-03-06 (2): As a spokesperson for Frankfurt Airport confirmed on Wednesday (6 March), the airport will be closed to departing passengers on Thursday (7 March). Due to the strike by aviation security staff, no checks can be carried out and therefore no passengers will be able to enter the airport from the land side.

Update 2024-03-06 (1): The Verdi union has scheduled a warning strike on Wednesday (6 March) at around 8 pm (local time) for employees from the Lufthansa technology, logistics, and training sectors.