Lebanon, Armed Conflict / War, Level 3: Israeli attacks in response to shelling from Lebanon – Lebanon [Update 208]

Update 2024-03-10 (3): Several people, allegedly members of al-Fajr Forces, were killed, and at least one member was injured on Sunday (10 March) following an Israeli air strike at a vehicle on the village of Hebbariye, Hasbaya District, Nabatieh Governorate.

Update 2024-03-10 (2): A Hezbollah anti-tank missile squad was killed on Sunday (10 March) following airstrike by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in Shebaa town, Hasbaya District, Nabatiyeh Governorate.

Update 2024-03-10 (1): Several people were killed on Saturday (9 March) following Israeli strike on a house in Majdal Zoun, South Governorate. In addition, several people were killed, while multiple others were injured on Saturday (9 March), following Israeli airstrike on a residential area in Khirbet Selm, Bint Jbeil District, Nabatieh Governorate.