Yemen, Armed Conflict / War, Level 3: Air strikes carried out by US and UK forces against the Houthi rebels – Yemen [Update 46]

pdate 2024-03-17 (2): The US and UK forces have violently attacked on Sunday (17 March) on Ta’iziyah District in Taiz Governorate. Additionally, the Houthis militants have attacked a ship in Aden city. However, no material damages were reported following the attack.

Update 2024-03-17 (1): Violent attacks by US and UK forces were reported on Saturday night (16 March, local time) in several areas of Hudaydah Governorate. Reportedly, the Al-Taif area in Al-Darihami city has been affected following the incident. However, there were no reports of possible casualties and damages. Additionally, the US military forces destroyed a drone fired by Yemeni Houthi rebels on Saturday (16 March) towards the Red Sea. Moreover, there were no reports of damage or injuries from ships in the vicinity.