Ukraine, Armed Conflict / War, Level 5: Heavy fighting between Ukrainian and Russian troops in the east of the country – Ukraine [Update 183]

Update 2024-03-27 (2): At least one person was killed in the Russian attack on Kharkiv on Wednesday (27 March). In the city of Nikopol (Dnipropetrovsk Oblast), one person was also fatally injured by artillery fire.

Update 2024-03-27 (1): As Ukrainian authorities announced on Wednesday (27 March), one person was killed in a Russian drone attack on the village of Mykhailivka (Zaporizhzhya oblast). Several people were injured in attacks on various villages in the Kharkiv region. Of 13 drones fired by Russia overnight Wednesday (26/27 March, local time), 10 were intercepted. The power supply in the city of Kharkiv has not yet been fully restored several days after the last missile attacks.