Israel, Armed Conflict / War, Level 4: Iranian drone and missile attacks; ongoing tense security situation – Israel [Update 15]

Update 2024-04-15 (3): According to the sources from Monday (15 April), Sri Lankan air services have announced the resumption of aviation services for passengers travelling to Israel. On Thursday morning (18 April, local time), an Arkia Airlines flight is expected to arrive in Tel Aviv from Colombo. In addition, Air India announced that it will resume flights on Thursday (18 April) from New Delhi to Tel Aviv, allowing passengers arriving from Colombo via New Delhi to connect to Israel. Moreover, Fly Dubai Airlines has scheduled flights to Israel from Dubai and Abu Dhabi while providing more ways for Sri Lankan travellers to reach their destinations.

Update 2024-04-15 (2): In the meantime, several other airlines have suspended their flights to Israel. KLM will not operate any flights until at least Tuesday (16 April) and easyJet has suspended all flights until at least Sunday (21 April).

Update 2024-04-15 (1): According to reports from Sunday (14 April), Air Canada has suspended its operations to and from Tel Aviv, in response to recent developments in the Middle East, following Iran’s launch of hundreds of drones and ballistic missiles toward Israel on Saturday (13 April). Reportedly, flights between Toronto and Tel Aviv will again resume from Thursday (18 April).