Malaysia, Transport Incident, Level 3: Air traffic disruptions at several airports due to volcanic activity – Malaysia [Update 1]

Update 2024-04-18: On Thursday (18 April), AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines resumed operations at Kota Kinabalu Airport (BKI) at around 6:30 pm (local time) and started to deplane the nearly 20,000 passengers who were stranded at the airport. Malaysia Airlines have published a detailed list of flights that have resumed operations at the link below.
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2024-04-18: Air traffic disruptions are affecting the airports Kota Kinabalu (BKI), Tawau (TWU), Sandakan (SDK), Labuan (LBU), Miri (MYY), Sibu (SBW), Bintulu (BTU) and Kuching (KCH) on Thursday (18 April). Due to the volcanic activity of Mount Ruang in Indonesia, AirAsia has cancelled all flights to the respective airports until at least Friday (19 April) at 8 am (local time).
Further air traffic disruptions are possible. Passengers travelling via the affected airport are advised to contact their airline or tour operator about the current flight status in advance to their journey to the airport.