Ukraine, Armed Conflict / War, Level 5: Heavy fighting between Ukrainian and Russian troops in the east of the country – Ukraine [Update 280]

Update 2024-05-05 (4): According to the sources from Sunday (5 May), at least one person was killed following Russian shelling in Monachynivka, Kupiansk District, Kharkiv Oblast.

Update 2024-05-05 (3): Several people were injured on Sunday (5 May) following a Russian shelling attack at a private house in Monachynivka village, Kupiansk District in the Kharkiv Oblast. Reportedly, another person was injured in the village of Kivsharivka in Kupiansk District. Additionally, multiple people were injured following Russian attack on the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv Oblast.

Update 2024-05-05 (2): According to sources from Sunday (5 May), Russian troops attacked multiple settlements in the Kherson Oblast in which at least one person was injured. Furthermore, the Russian military has occupied the settlement of Arkhanhelske, Kherson Oblast. Moreover, On Sunday, The Ukrainian Air Force declared that its air defense successfully intercepted dozens of combat drones overnight. In the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, falling debris caused damage to multiple buildings and ignited fires.

Update 2024-05-05 (1): According to sources from Sunday (5 May), Russian forces have seized the rural settlement of Ocheretyne in Donetsk Oblast. Additionally, several people were killed after Russia forces launched dozens of kamikaze drones over multiple targets in the village of Pokrovsk city, Donetsk Oblast.