Ukraine, Armed Conflict / War, Level 5: Heavy fighting between Ukrainian and Russian troops in the east of the country – Ukraine [Update 348]

Update 2024-06-03 (2): At least one person was killed, while several others were injured on Monday (3 June), following a Russian missile attack on the Zmiiv community in Chuhuiv District, Kharkiv Oblast. Material damage was also reported.

Update 2024-06-03 (1): Several people were injured on Sunday (2 June) at around 10 am (local time) following an attack by Russian forces on the village of Andriivka in the Izium District of Kharkiv Oblast. Reportedly, Russian troops launched a multiple rocket launcher (MLRS) attack on Sunday (2 June) on infrastructure facilities in the Shostka District of Sumy Oblast. Additionally, multiple shelling attacks were also reported on Sunday (2 June) on the Nikopol District using artillery and drones, damaging an infrastructure facility, the district centre and several rural communities. No injuries were reported. Furthermore, the Russian army launched multiple aerial bomb attacks in Kharkiv, Lyman, Kramatorsk, Pokrovsk, Vremivka cities.