Germany, Severe Weather, Level 3: Disruptions due to heavy rainfall and flooding in several states – Germany [Update 32]

Update 2024-06-04 (4): According to sources from Tuesday (4 June), several people died, and several others went missing due to floods in Bavaria. Regensburg and Passau experienced rising water levels and ongoing evacuation. In addition, the authorities lifted the state of disaster in Neu-Ulm District, Swabia. Further cleanup efforts are underway.

Update 2024-06-04 (3): According to reports, flooding continued to impact areas of Bavaria on Tuesday (4 June). The highest water levels along the Danube are expected to be reported from Regensburg and Passu. The water level of the Elbe River rose on Tuesday (4 June) in Saxony-Anhalt. As a result, Arneburg Ferry services have been suspended. Rising water levels also led to ferry services on the Saale River in Groß Rosenburg being suspended as well. Ferry services in Magdeburg have also been impacted by rising water levels. Further disruptions to ferry services and rising water levels along the Elbe and Saale Rivers cannot be ruled out. Authorities stated on Tuesday (4 June) that the threat of flooding near Lake Constance (Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria) is high and has been raised to level four.

Update 2024-06-04 (2): According to the latest reports on the flood situation in parts of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria, Deutsche Bahn is still unable to operate some local and long-distance routes. Deutsche Bahn announced on Tuesday (4 June) that there are still train cancellations on four routes. This affects the section between Ulm and Augsburg on the Stuttgart-Ulm-Augsburg-Munich line, the section between Donauwörth and Augsburg on the Nuremberg-Donauwörth-Augsburg-Munich line, the section between Buchloe and Memmingen on the Munich-Memmingen-Lindau line and the entire Ulm-Memmingen-Kempten line. The railroad is expecting high capacity utilization on all trains operating in the region, and local transport in Bavaria is also severely affected. Overall, however, Deutsche Bahn continues to advise against train travel to southern Germany. There will be individual cancellations and delays on the following routes: Munich-Nuremberg-Erfurt-Berlin, Karlsruhe-Stuttgart-Ulm, Augsburg-Munich, Stuttgart-Mannheim-Frankfurt, Munich-Lindau-Bregenz-Zurich, Karlsruhe-Stuttgart-Crailsheim-Nuremberg, Augsburg-Kempten(Allgäu)-Oberstdorf, Nuremberg-Würzburg.

Update 2024-06-04 (1): Hundreds of people were evacuated on Monday evening (3 June, local time) due to flooding in the city centre of Regensburg in Bavaria. Additionally, according to the latest reports, the water levels in most bodies of water in the southwest are receding. However, levels in major rivers such as the Danube and Rhine are still rising in some areas.