Kenya, Demonstration / Riot, Level 3: Ongoing countrywide demonstrations against a new law – Kenya [Update 10]

Update 2024-06-20 (5): At least one person was killed on Thursday (20 June) following gunfire by the security officials in the capital city Nairobi during a violent protest against the Finance Bill. Reportedly, more than one hundred people have been arrested during protests in several parts of the country.

Update 2024-06-20 (4): Several people were injured on Thursday (20 June) following gunfire during a violent protest against the Finance Bill at Kisumu bus park in Kisumu.

Update 2024-06-20 (3): According to reports, thousands of people are participating in protests countrywide on Thursday (20 June), including in Nakuru. Security forces in Nairobi used tear gas and water cannons against a group of protesters near parliament, and clashes have also been reported in Nairobi, including near parliament. At least one journalist was injured during the protests in Nairobi.

Update 2024-06-20 (2): According to reports on Thursday (20 June), protesters have announced that they will take to the streets across the country, including in the cities of Mombasa and Kisumu, both opposition strongholds.

Update 2024-06-20 (1): The Nairobi police are preparing for further protests on Thursday (20 June). The number of security forces in the Central Business District has been increased and roadblocks have been set up in front of City Hall. Additional security forces have also been deployed in front of Parliament.