Israel, Armed Conflict / War, Level 3: Attacks from Lebanon in the northern part of the country – Israel [Update 253]

Update 2024-07-07 (3): Drone attacks by Hezbollah were reported on Sunday (7 July) in the Mount Hermon area, targeting intelligence systems and started a major fire in the area. However, no injuries were reported.

Update 2024-07-07 (2): According to media reports from Sunday (7 July), several people were injured from shrapnel due to the fall of an anti-tank missile in Western Galilee.

Update 2024-07-07 (1): According to the latest reports from Sunday (7 July), at least one person was seriously injured after Hezbollah launched dozens of rockets targeting an open area in Lower Galilee near the northern community of Kfar Zeitim. The attack also sparked fires near Kidmat Galil Industrial Park, Kfar Zeitim, Lavi, and HaZor’im.