Ukraine, Armed Conflict / War, Level 4: Russian drone and missile attacks on Kyiv – Ukraine [Update 50]

Update 2024-07-08 (5): According to the latest reports, on Tuesday (9 July) multiple people were killed and dozens injured in Kiev following massive Russian airstrikes. Additionally, multiple people were again killed and at least 59 people were injured in a children’s hospital in the Dnipro region, which had been previously destroyed.

Update 2024-07-08 (4): According to the latest reports, at least four people were killed and three others injured on Monday (8 July) in another Russian attack that damaged a medical facility in Kiev.

Update 2024-07-08 (3): The airstrikes on Kiev continued on Monday afternoon (8 July, local time). According to the latest media reports, new explosions were heard in the Ukrainian capital. In the meantime, it has become known that three DTEK transformer stations in the Golosiivskyi and Shevchenkivskyi districts have been damaged or destroyed. Further restrictions in the power supply are therefore to be expected. A children’s hospital was also destroyed in the previous attacks.

Update 2024-07-08 (2): According to the latest media reports, at least five people were killed in the attacks on Kiev on Monday (8 July). This number is expected to rise. In total, at least 40 shells were fired at five Ukrainian cities, including the capital.

Update 2024-07-08 (1): On Monday morning (8 July, local time), there were intensified air strikes on the capital Kiev. According to the latest information, several explosions were reported. The district of Solomianka was particularly affected, and there are also said to have been casualties here.