Iraq, Armed Conflict / War, Level 3: Artillery shelling in several parts of Amadiya District – Duhok, Iraq

2024-07-10: Turkish fighter jets on Tuesday (9 July) conducted raids and damaged several houses in Mazi village located at the foot of Kara Mountain in Amadiya District, north of Duhok Governorate. Reportedly, at least one military official was injured after the members of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) launched a rocket attack targeting a Peshmerga position in the district. In addition, the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) carried out an attack targeting a military site of the Turkish army in the Matin Mountain Range.
Heightened security measures and operations of security forces are to be expected. Ongoing armed clashes are to be expected. Travellers are advised to exercise high caution, to strictly avoid operations of security forces, and to follow instructions from security forces.