Australia, Epidemic, Level 4: COVID-19 pandemic – Australia [Update 183]

Update 2021-08-09 (3): According to further reports, several more regions and towns in New South Wales have also been ordered into lockdown. Among the affected areas are Guyra, Penrith and Cairns. For details see the links below.

Update 2021-08-09 (2): A seven-day lockdown was also announced for the Northern Rivers region in New South Wales on Monday (09 August). This will come into effect at 06:00 p.m. (local time) and includes Byron Shire, Richmond Valley, Lismore and Ballina.

Update 2021-08-09 (1): On Monday (09 August), the lockdown in New South Wales was extended to the city of Tamworth. The lockdown will initially be in place for at least one week.
While the lockdown is to remain in force in the Melbourne metropolitan area until at least Thursday (12 August), it will be lifted in the rest of Victoria on Monday (09 August).