Pakistan, Epidemic, Level 4: COVID-19 pandemic – Pakistan [Update 108]

Update 2021-08-09 (3): Due to increasing numbers of cases, measures in cities in Punjab are being further tightened. A strict lockdown is to apply. Details are not yet available.

Update 2021-08-09 (2): Punjab province extended the lockdown in large parts of the province until at least 31 August. Indoor gatherings remain prohibited. Outdoor gatherings of up to 300 people are allowed.

Update 2021-08-09 (1): On Monday (09 August), the lockdown in Sindh province expired. However, shop opening hours remain restricted, restaurant interior areas remain closed, indoor gatherings are prohibited and outdoor gatherings are limited to 300 participants. Many recreational facilities remain closed and public transport capacity is limited. Tourist activities are only allowed for fully vaccinated persons.