Afghanistan, Demonstration / Riot, Level 3: Riots in Kabul after the Taliban surrounded the city – Afghanistan [Update 1]

Update 2021-08-16: Chaotic scenes are also taking place at Kabul International Airport since Sunday evening (15 August, local time). Hundreds of people poured onto the tarmac, as seen in numerous social media posts. According to media reports on Monday (16 August), US troops fired into the air several times.

2021-08-15: On Sunday (15 August), scenes of turmoil were reported from Kabul after the Taliban surrounded the city. There was reportedly a shootout in front of a bank as people tried to withdraw money in panic to buy food. The situation is very unclear and further developments cannot be foreseen.
Heightened security measures are to be expected, local traffic disruptions are possible. Violent incidents cannot be ruled out. Travellers should avoid demonstrations and follow instructions by authorities.