Ukraine, Armed Conflict / War, Level 5: Military invasion by the Russian army – Ukraine [Update 62]

Update 2022-03-01 (8): Russian troops are apparently advancing in the southern port city of Kherson, in the oblast of the same name. According to Ukrainian sources, however, the Ukrainian armed forces still control the city administration building. 

Update 2022-03-01 (7): The television tower in the capital Kiev was hit by several Russian air strikes in which at least five people were killed and five others injured. Due to the damage caused by the attack TV broadcasts will be temporarily disrupted. During the conflict so far at least 352 civilians have been killed and more than 2,040 were injured.

Update 2022-03-01 (6): In the missile attack against Kharkiv’s city administration building on Tuesday morning (1 March, local time) at least 10 people were killed and 20 others were injured. In a later strike against a residential building in the same city at least eight people were killed and six others were injured.

Update 2022-03-01 (5): Russian forces invading from Crimea have linked up with pro-russian fighters from the eastern separatist regions along the Sea of Azov. Therefore, the remaining Ukrainian controlled cities on the Sea of Azov are now cut-off from the rest of Ukraine.

Update 2022-03-01 (4): Russian authorities warn that they are planning to hit targets in the capital Kiev. Strikes are planned against “technological centres of the Ukrainian Security Service and the 72nd main PsyOps centre in Kyiv,” Russian authorities have called on civilians living near these areas to leave their homes.

Update 2022-03-01 (3): The port city of Mariupol, reportedly under Ukrainian control, was cut off from energy supplies by Russian troops on Monday (1 March). The Russian separatists, meanwhile, have announced that residents of the city will be able to evacuate by Wednesday (2 March) through two “humanitarian corridors” via the E58 trunk road, both to the Zaporizhzhya region and to Russia.

Update 2022-03-01 (2): Russian attacks in Ukraine continue unabated: Around 8 am (local time), a massive explosion rocked the centre of Kharkiv. A missile hit in front of the city’s administrative headquarters, causing some destruction. Meanwhile, Russian troops have reached the outskirts of the city of Kherson. Both official and unconfirmed videos on social media show advancing forces capturing civilians.

Update 2022-03-01 (1): Ceasefire talks on Monday (28 January) have failed for the time being, with Russian attacks on the capital Kyiv as well as Kharkiv and Kherson continuing overnight (local time). The Sumy oblast in northern Ukraine is also a combat focus. Meanwhile, satellite images show a 64-kilometre-long deployment of Russian military vehicles starting about 29 kilometres north of Kiev, according to media reports on Tuesday (1 March). According to unconfirmed reports, Belarusian troops have also gathered on the border with Ukraine. In southern Ukraine, the port city of Mariupol reportedly remains under Ukrainian control.