China, Transport Accident , Level 4: Crash of a China Eastern Airlines plane; MU5735/CES5735 – Wuzhou, China [Update 5]

Update 2022-03-21 (5): According to media, China Eastern Airlines will suspend all flights of the Boeing 737-800 from Tuesday (22 March) onwards. In total China Eastern Airlines operates 107 of this aircraft type. Routes previously operated by the aircraft 737-800 will move to a different aircraft type.

Update 2022-03-21 (4): According to rescue workers, there is no evidence of survivors of the crash.

Update 2022-03-21 (3): According to local sources, the crashed aircraft was completely destroyed. A fire that had broken out around the wreckage was extinguished. According to the latest reports, 123 passengers and nine crew members were on board. So far, there is no official information on casualties.

Update 2022-03-21 (2): The flight number of the crashed aircraft was MU5735/CES5735. The crash site is in Teng County, which is part of Wuzhou.

Update 2022-03-21 (1): According to media reports, the aircraft involved in the accident was a China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737. It was on it’s way from Kunming to Guangzhou.