Ukraine, Armed Conflict / War, Level 5: Military invasion by the Russian army – Ukraine [Update 195]

Update 2022-03-21 (5): At least eight civilians have been killed by the bombing of Kyiv, in which the Retroville shopping centre was also hit. In eastern Ukraine, the city of Avdiiv and its surroundings have come under Russian artillery fire. At least one civilian was killed. In addition, shell impacts and fires were recorded at 15 different locations there. According to Ukrainian sources, the mayor of the village of Zyrkuny was kidnapped. In addition, Russian forces are said to have fired on demonstrators in the port city of Kherson in the south, injuring several civilians. However, this information cannot be independently verified.

Update 2022-03-21 (4): According to reports from the Russian Defence Ministry, at least 80 Ukrainian fighters were killed in an attack on the Nova Lyubomyrka military base in the Rivne region. In addition, a military base near Kiev is said to have been captured. The Russian offensive is also said to be making progress in the Donetsk Oblast.

Update 2022-03-21 (3): The mayor of Kiev announced a new curfew on Monday (21 March). The curfew is to begin at 8 pm on the same day and last until 7 am on Wednesday (23 March).

Update 2022-03-21 (2): According to media reports, the city of Odessa was shelled by the Russian navy. Several buildings were damaged. There had already been reports of a strengthening of the Russian presence in the Black Sea.

Update 2022-03-21 (1): On Monday morning (21 March, local time), it is reported that at least six people were killed in bomb attacks on Kiev. Among other places, the Retroville shopping centre and the Podil residential district were reportedly hit in the attacks.
Increased Russian drone activity was recorded over the city of Odessa on Sunday (20 March). So far, the city had been largely spared from hostilities.