Qatar, Important Date, Level 3: 2022 FIFA World Cup from 20 November until 18 December – Qatar [Update 1]

Update 2022-11-17: Travellers should still bear in mind that the FIFA World Cup will take place in Qatar from Sunday (20 November) until 18 December. Digital technology is increasingly being used in Qatar for security purposes. Specifically, public spaces will be monitored by video cameras with biometric recording during the event. Entry requirements have been adjusted due to the World Cup, and entry to Qatar is only possible with the Hayya-Card until 22 December, even if not attending the World Cup. Travellers are also required to proof of health insurance in order to enter the country and adults over the age of 18 may be required to download the Ehteraz COVID-19 tracking app. However, there is reportedly no requirement to take a pre-departure PCR or rapid antigen test. Travellers who are staying in accommodations in neighbouring countries during the World Cup will not be able to return to those countries without their passports, even if they report them as missing.