Türkiye, Complex Emergency, Level 5: Significant damage and fatalities after very strong earthquakes in the southeast – Türkiye [Update 5]

Update 2023-02-07 (4): According to reports from Tuesday (7 February), the combined death toll from the earthquakes that impacted Türkiye and Syria has risen to over 7,300 and over 31,000 people were injured. The death toll for Türkiye alone has risen to 5,434. The World Health Organization has stated however that the death toll could rise to around 20,000. The fire at the port in Iskenderun was still burning as of Tuesday evening (7 February), and it is believed that at least four UNESCO World Heritage sites were damaged by the earthquakes, including the fortress in Diyarbakir. It has been reported that between the first major earthquake and the end of the day Tuesday (7 February, local time), there had been over 100 powerful aftershocks with magnitudes of 4 or more.

Update 2023-02-07 (3): Turkish weather authorities warn of low temperatures and heavy snowfall in the coming days in the areas in the southeast of the country particularly affected by the earthquake. This will make recovery work more difficult. Meanwhile, the country’s president on Tuesday (7 February) declared a three-month state of emergency for 10 of the provinces located in the southeast of the country affected by the earthquake.