Germany, Transport Incident, Level 4: Restrictions in air traffic due to technical issue impacting Lufthansa – Germany [Update 2]

Update 2023-02-15 (2): According to reports, landings resumed at Frankfurt Airport on Wednesday afternoon (15 February). It has been reported that delays and cancellations may still occur, however operations are expected to stabilise by early Wednesday evening (local time).

Update 2023-02-15 (1): According to reports from Wednesday (15 February), arrivals have been suspended at Frankfurt Airport due to a technical issue that is impacting the Lufthansa Group. As a result, thousands of passengers have been impacted by flight delays and cancellations. All domestic flights within Germany were cancelled. It is not yet clear if other airlines are also impacted. There have been reports of issues with the check-in and boarding systems of the airline. It is reportedly believed that the technical issue was caused by construction work on a railway line in Frankfurt. Subsidiaries of the Lufthansa Group have also been impacted, including Brussels Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Swiss International, and Eurowings. Flights have reportedly been diverted to other airports, including those in Nuremberg, Cologne, and Düsseldorf. Reportedly, Munich Airport has also been impacted by the IT issue. The full extent of the technical issue is not yet known and it is not clear if other airlines have been impacted as well.

2023-02-15: Air traffic disruptions are affecting Frankfurt Airport on Wednesday (15 February). Over 100 flights have cancelled so far and many more are being delayed due to a ground services system failure. The disruptions are expected to last until at least 4 pm on Wednesday (local time).
Further air traffic disruptions are possible. Passengers travelling via the affected airport are advised to contact their airline or tour operator about the current flight status in advance to their journey to the airport.