Switzerland, Transport Incident, Level 3: Gotthard Base Tunnel between Uri and Ticino closed to passenger traffic due to freight train derailment – Switzerland [Update 2]

Update 2023-09-11: According to reports, a crack was discovered in the ceiling of the Gotthard Road Tunnel on Sunday (10 September), leading to the closure of the tunnel. The tunnel connects the cantons of Uri and Ticino. It has been reported that pieces of the tunnel became loose and fell onto the roadway, leading to the tunnel closing on Sunday afternoon (10 September, local time). No injuries were reported. The sudden closure on Sunday reportedly led to hours-long traffic jams. It is not yet known how long the tunnel will be closed for. Road traffic is currently being diverted either via the Gotthard Pass or the San Bernadino route. The diversion adds around one hour of extra travel time.