Lebanon, Armed Conflict / War, Level 3: Retaliation attacks by Israel after Hezbollah shelling – Lebanon [Update 5]

Update 2023-10-09 (4): Several Hezbollah militants were killed on Monday (9 October) following an airstrike by Israeli forces in the southern part of the country.

Update 2023-10-09 (3): According to reports, artillery attacks have been reported from near Ayt al-Shaab, leading civilians to flee from the area on Monday afternoon (9 October, local time). Residents have been advised by authorities to exercise increased caution and avoid areas near the border with Israel. At least one member of Hezbollah was killed in the shelling. As a result, the group has threatened a violent response. Israeli strikes reportedly continue at this time.

Update 2023-10-09 (2): Israel conducts airstrikes south of the village of Dhayra. Several people who were reported to have previously entered Israeli territory were killed.

Update 2023-10-09 (1): As a result of an infiltration attempt by Lebanese groups into Israel, fighting broke out on Monday (9 October) near the village of Dhayra. Details are not yet known.