Israel, Armed Conflict / War, Level 3: Attacks from Lebanon in the northern part of the country – Israel [Update 4]

Update 2023-10-09 (4): A violent attack by Hezbollah militants was reported on Monday (9 October) at several Israeli camps.

Update 2023-10-09 (3): According to reports from Monday (9 October), several Israelis have been injured during the clashes between gunmen from Lebanon and Israeli security forces near Arab al-Aramshe. Additional security forces have been deployed to the area. Residents in dozens of towns near the northern border with Israel have been advised to take shelter due to the potential for rocket attacks. This includes the towns of Metula, Rosh Hanikra, Manara, Shlomi, Misgav Am, and Dafna. The Al-Quds brigade has claimed responsibility for the attempted infiltration from Lebanon to Israel.

Update 2023-10-09 (2): According to recent reports, several gunmen were killed after entering Israeli territory between Aramsha and Adamit. The military is conducting airstrikes in the region.

Update 2023-10-09 (1): On Monday (9 October), multiple rockets were fired from Lebanon into Israeli territory. In addition, several people are reported to have advanced across the border. Details are not yet known. Security forces are deployed in the area and residents of the area are not to leave their homes.