Palestinian Territories, Armed Conflict / War, Level 4: Fighting on the border with Israel and possible countermeasures by the Israeli military following attack – Palestinian Territories [Update 16]

Update 2023-10-09 (4): A massive explosion from an Israeli airstrike was reported on Monday (9 October) along the skyline of Gaza city as Israel began its retaliation actions in response to Saturday’s (7 October) Hamas attack. Significant material damages were reported following the attack, leading to large internet and communications outages in the Gaza Strip. Moreover, the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip is causing hospitals to severely lack fuel, electricity, and medicines, which worsens the health crisis.

Update 2023-10-09 (3): According to reports from Monday (9 October), several Israelis who were being held hostage in the Gaza Strip were killed in Israeli air strikes. Air strikes also hit a market in the Jabaila refugee camp in Gaza, leading to dozens of casualties and significant damage. Israeli security forces continue to carry out widespread air strikes against targets in Gaza. Shelling has also been reported from Beitar Illit in the West Bank. As of Sunday (8 October), around 124,000 Palestinians in Gaza had been displaced by the fighting. The death toll from the fighting in the Gaza Strip has risen to at least 560 and around 2,900 people have also been injured.

Update 2023-10-09 (2): According to reports, the Israeli Defence Minister announced on Monday (9 October) that Israeli forces would carry out a “complete siege” on the Gaza Strip in response to the airstrikes and attack being carried out against Israel. The supply of power, water, gas, and food supplies to the Gaza Strip has been suspended as a result.

Update 2023-10-09 (1): Also on Monday (9 October) the air raids of the Israeli military in the Gaza Strip continue. Among other places, the city of Rafah was affected. According to Hamas, about 500 Palestinians were killed and 2,300 others injured.
U.S. officials expect that Israel could begin a ground offensive in Gaza in the next 48 hours.