Israel, Armed Conflict / War, Level 4: Hamas attack from the Gaza Strip – Israel [Update 83]

Update 2023-10-30 (4): According to reports, rocket sirens went off in Jerusalem and nearby areas on Monday afternoon (30 October, local time). There were also reports of missile strikes in Netivot in Negev, as well as clashes near the Karni Crossing between Israel and Gaza on Monday as well. On Sunday (29 October), a female Israeli soldier who was taken hostage by Hamas militants was released. Prime Minister Netanyahu also stated on Monday (30 October) that a ceasefire will not happen and he also demanded the release of the remaining hostages.

Correction 2023-10-30 (3): Event text corrected

Update 2023-10-30 (2): At least one security official was killed, while several others sustained injuries on Sunday (29 October) when a tank overturned in northern Israel. As per the reports, specific details regarding the circumstances have not been disclosed so far.

Update 2023-10-30 (1): Accoridng to the sources from Monday (30 October), rocket warning sirens were activated in Netiv HaAsara town, near the north of the Gaza border.