Ukraine, Armed Conflict / War, Level 5: Heavy fighting between Ukrainian and Russian troops in the east of the country – Ukraine [Update 9]

Update 2023-11-30 (3): According to the sources from Friday (1 December), several people were killed following Russian attacks across Kherson and Donetsk regions, intense fighting had been seen in the frontlines with minimal shifts, both sides vying for ground as temperatures drop. Moscow claimed to repel Ukrainian assaults near Kupiansk, including shelling and airstrikes on several towns.

Update 2023-11-30 (2): According to reports, multiple people were injured following missile attacks against Pokrovsk, Novogrodivka, and Myrnohrad (Donetsk) on Thursday morning (30 November, local time). Several people remain missing at this time as well. A total of eight missiles and 20 drones were launched by Russian forces during the night to Thursday (30 November, local time), 14 of the drones were intercepted.

Update 2023-11-30 (1): According to the sources from Wednesday (29 November), at least one Russian security official was killed in Ukraine after allegedly stepping on a landmine, the source of the mine unclear. In addition, the Russian forces are escalating attacks in eastern Ukraine, mainly targeting the nearly encircled town of Avdiivka, as both sides vie for territorial gains before the year-end.