Germany, Severe Weather, Level 3: Disruptions due to wintery weather in parts of the country – Germany [Update 20]

Update 2023-12-04 (2): According to sources from Monday (4 December), severe winter weather conditions, including snow and black ice, caused numerous road accidents, including a multi-car crash near Schwalbach on state road 3014, a truck incident on federal highway 456, and an overturned crane vehicle near Kelkheim and significant traffic disruptions on Monday (4 December) in Hesse State resulting in severe injuries and widespread damages. Traffic disruptions were also reported, while hundreds of flight services were cancelled due to weather-related issues in Frankfurt Airport, with continued disruptions expected into Tuesday (5 December).

Update 2023-12-04 (1): On Monday morning (4 December, local time) there were further irregularities in local public transport in Munich. For example, S-Bahn line 3 only ran between Westkreuz and Munich Airport and the S3 between Ostbahnhof and Lochhausen.Traffic will remain restricted until at least Wednesday (6 December).Long-distance services are also still affected by restrictions. All connections between Munich and Innsbruck, Salzburg and Zurich reamin suspended.