Australia, Severe Weather, Level 3: Disruptions due to severe flooding in Queensland – Australia [Update 13]

Update 2023-12-18 (2): According to media reports, Cairns is currently cut off from the surrounding area. All access roads are flooded and the airport is still closed due to the flooding. The village of Wujal Wujal to the north of Cairns will be completely evacuated. The persistent rainfall is expected to ease over the course of Monday (18 December).

Update 2023-12-18 (1): Northeastern Australia faced a flood disaster as flash floods triggered by Tropical Cyclone Jasper inundate the region, cutting off roads and prompting the evacuation of over hundreds of people on Monday (18 November), while Queensland had experienced damaging winds and heavy rain, with military helicopters assisting in reaching flood-affected areas, crocodiles have been reported in floodwaters, posing additional threats.