Japan, Earthquake, Level 4: Strong magnitude 7.5 M coastal earthquake at depth 10.00 km – Japan [Update 5]

Update 2024-01-02 (2): According to reports, on Tuesday (2 January), dozens of aftershocks continued to impact areas impacted by the earthquake on Monday (1 January), including areas in Ishikawa, Niigata, Fukui, Toyama, and Gifu. Search operations to find survivors of the earthquake have continued. The earthquake triggered tsunami waves of over one metre, however all tsunami warnings were lifted on Tuesday (2 January). Dozens of buildings and roads were destroyed by the earthquake, and a number of roads remain impassable at this time. The earthquake also caused a large fire in Wajima, which led to a multi-storey building collapsing. The majority of houses in Suzu have collapsed as well. Thousands of residents were still without power on Tuesday (2 January).

Update 2024-01-02 (1): According to media reports, all flights to and from Noto Airport in Ishikawa Prefecture will be cancelled on Tuesday (2 January). Special flights will be operated from Tokyo-Haneda to Komatsu Airport. Meanwhile, the number of people killed by yesterday’s earthquake has been stated with at least 48.