Japan, Transport Accident, Level 4: Accident at Haneda Airport; airplane catches fire – Tokio, Japan [Update 4]

Update 2024-01-02 (4): According to updated reports from Tuesday (2 January), flight operations have resumed at Tokyo-Haneda Airport and at least three runways at the airport have reopened since the accident.

Update 2024-01-02 (3): According to updated reports, at least five people were killed in the collision between an airliner and a Coast Guard plane at Tokyo-Haneda Airport on Tuesday (2 January). All the victims were on the Coast Guard plane at the time of the incident. The captain of the Coast Guard plane was reportedly able to escape the wreck.

Update 2024-01-02 (2): Following the accident at Tokyo-Haneda Airport on Tuesday (2 January), the airport is currently closed. Incoming flights are being diverted to other airports in Japan. According to reports, the Japan Airlines plane collided with a Coast Guard plane. Several members of the Coast Guard are still missing.

Update 2024-01-02 (1): According to the latest reports, all 379 passengers and crew members of flight JAL516 from Sapporo (Hokkaido) to Tokyo were evacuated following the accident at Tokyo-Haneda Airport. The flight burst into flames after the scheduled landing late Tuesday afternoon (2 January) at around 5:47 pm (local time).