United States, Transport Incident, Level 3: Flight cancellations by Alaska Airlines across the country – USA [Update 1]

Update 2024-01-07: According to sources from Sunday (7 January), several aircrafts that were initially cleared to operate have now been pulled from service until further details causing further disruptions. The airline has canceled hundreds of flights with more cancellations expected through at least mid-week. For more information, click the link below.

2024-01-06: Dozens of flights were canceled by Alaska Airlines on Saturday (6 January), across the country, after temporarily grounding its fleet of Boeing 737 MAX 9s. Reportedly, the decision came after a serious incident on a flight on Friday evening (5 January, local time), during which a section of the fuselage ruptured, resulting in a large hole and cabin decompression.
Travellers are advised to contact their airline operator before making any further travel and detailed status.