Syria, Armed Conflict / War, Level 4: Fighting between different groups in the north of the country – Syria [Update 54]

Update 2024-01-14 (5): According to media reports on Monday (15 January), numerous rockets were fired during an operation by armed attackers on a military base in Kharab Al-Jir (al-Hasakah). So far there have been no reports of casualties.

Update 2024-01-14 (4): According to the sources from Sunday (14 January), Turkish security forces killed several PKK terrorists in the northern part of the country. According to Turkish sources, the terrorists were allegedly plotting an attack on the Turkish soldiers.

Update 2024-01-14 (3): According to the sources from Sunday (14 January), an explosion was reported after many Turkish drones targeted a former military base, the Lafarge company, within the SDF-held areas in Kharab Ishk village in the countryside of Ain Al-Arab/Kobani, Aleppo Governorate. No casualties were recorded.

Update 2024-01-14 (2): Turkish drones targeted a power station in Ain Issa town in Raqqa on Sunday (14 January), causing significant damage and a complete power outage. The Turkish drones also struck a checkpoint of the Internal Security forces near Ain Issa, close to a Russian military base on Al-Raqqah road. No casualties were reported. Additionally, a warplane, believed to be Turkish, flew over Al-Qamishly and the Syria-Turkey border.

Update 2024-01-14 (1): Iraq’s Islamic Resistance has been targeting multiple US military outposts and installations in Syria since Saturday (13 January), with growing anti-American sentiment in the region. Reportedly, Al-Omar oil field in Syria’s Deir ez-Zor Governorate as well as another military facility located in the village of Al-Khadra in northeastern part of the country were targeted with drones.