Lebanon, Armed Conflict / War, Level 3: Israeli attacks in response to shelling from Lebanon – Lebanon [Update 192]

Update 2024-02-28 (2): According to the sources from Wednesday (28 February), Israeli artillery targeted several towns in southern Lebanon, including Tayr Harfa, Al-Jebin, and Shihein, while warplanes bombarded Kharba Salem, Al Tayba, Siddiqin, and Qana. No casualties or damage have been reported so far. Meanwhile, Hezbollah announced targeting the Israeli Meron spying airbase in northern parts with a salvo of rockets.

Update 2024-02-28 (1): According to sources from Wednesday (28 February), the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) launched airstrikes on a Hezbollah operative cell in Ayta ash-Shab village, Nabatieh Governorate. Moreover, the strikes targeted Hezbollah’s infrastructure in Taybeh village in Marjeyoun District, Bayt Lif village in Bint Jbeil District, Seddiqine town in Tyre District and Khirbet Selm village in Bint Jbeil District in Southern Lebanon.