Myanmar, Armed Conflict / War, Level 4: Fighting between troops of the military government and various rebel groups in the north of the country – Myanmar [Update 53]

Update 2024-02-27: Multiple junta soldiers were killed on Monday (26 February) following clash with the Arakan Army (AA) in the Ramree Island, Rakhine State. Moreover, arms and ammunition were also recovered following the clash. Meanwhile, the AA continued assaults on the 9th Central Military Training School near Kan Ni village in Minbya township, Rakhine Sate, with the junta responding with heavy airstrikes to defend the stronghold. Simultaneously, AA forces pressed on to capture remaining junta strongholds in Ponnagyun, Maungdaw, and Buthidaung townships. Furthermore, on Tuesday (27 February) Junta forces intensified attacks on civilian targets, causing injuries to patients and staff when a fighter jet bombed a public hospital in Min Phoo village, Minbya Township. A separate attack targeted Thay Kan village in Minbya and a nearby school sheltering displaced people, resulting in dozens of civilian injuries and extensive property damage. Additionally, the AA forces claimed of killing dozens of junta reinforcements on Saturday (25 February) in Ramree Island, Rakhine State.