Türkiye, Terrorism, Level 4: Dozens of Casualties after explosion in the city centre – Istanbul, Türkiye [Update 2]

Update 2022-11-14 (2): According to reports from Monday (14 November), the death toll from the attack has risen to at least 8 and at least 81 people were injured in the attack. Additionally, it has been reported that at least 22 people were arrested in connection with the attack. Türkiye’s interior minister has reportedly stated that it is believed that the attack was ordered by a group in Ayn al-Arab in northern Syria, which is where the Kurdish PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party)/YPG (People’s Defense Units), have their Syrian bases. The PKK is considered to be a terrorist organisation by Türkiye, the US, and the EU.

Update 2022-11-14 (1): According to the sources from Monday (14 November), the security forces arrested the attacker who caused the explosion in Istanbul.